Discussion guide on Labour Standards

Discussion forum | 06 June 2017
Download the discussion guide in Excel format, fill-in and then send to decentwork@ilo.org

Tip: the discussion should first establish the factual basis and then consider the actual implementation of the respective policies and actions.
  1. Which ILO Conventions have been ratified by your country, and which of those have been translated into national law?

  2. Has your country had a case at the ILC Committee on the Application of Standards, has your country been subject of a “special paragraph” or a Commission on Inquiry?

  3. Does the government of your country take account of the relevant Conventions (ratified or not) when addressing specific national or local issues?

  4. Does government explicitly promote compliance with international labour standards as a way of achieving decent work?

  5. Does government take steps to:
    1. Raise awareness and understanding of international labour standards?
    2. Promote the ratification of relevant international labour standards?
    3. Strengthen the country’s capacity to implement ratified Conventions effectively?
    4. Follow up on observations and conclusions of ILO supervisory bodies and assist in finding solutions to problems which have been identified?

  6. Does your country address the possible benefits from ILS in terms of equality, stability and productivity with an impact on the country’s competitive position in the global economy? 

  7. Are the national workers’ and employers’ organizations actively involved in the adaptation of ILO instruments into national laws and policies?