Tools and Services on Social Dialogue and Tripartism


  1. Document

    Taqeem Impact Briefs

    30 May 2014

    The Impact Briefs document how CoP organizations supported by Taqeem measure outcomes of their youth employment programmes, the tools that are applied and the findings and recommendations that emerge to assist them in improving impacts and programme design.

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    Taqeem Impact Studies

    30 May 2014

    The “Impact research” series diffuses research reports from Taqeem supported impact evaluations. Reports include baseline, endline and qualitative reports which describe the research designs, methodologies, interventions under investigation and policy and programmatic findings and recommendations. Research in this series has been selected through ILO’s Fund for Evaluation in Employment, an annual call for proposals, which provides seed funding, and technical assistance to rigorous impact evaluations.

  3. Publication

    Transforming Economies: Making industrial policy work for growth, jobs and development - Introduction

    05 May 2014

    Industrial policy, productive transformation and jobs: Theory, history and practice

  4. Report

    Final report - Evidence Symposium

    25 April 2014

    This report in English and Arabic synthesizes the findings from impact evaluations presented during the Doha Evidence Symposium.

  5. Policy Brief

    Pro-employment budgeting in China: Linking employment to national and local budgets

    15 April 2014

    Employment Policy Brief

  6. Publication

    Guide on employment policy and international labour standards

    10 January 2014

    The aim of the present Guide is to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of placing the promotion of full, productive and freely chosen employment at the heart of socio-economic and development policies through a rights-based approach and a broad basis of agreement achieved through social dialogue, in line with the Employment Policy Convention, 1964 (No. 122).


  1. Studies on Growth with Equity

    Kenya: Making quality employment the driver of development

    02 December 2013

    The report analyses how the growing disconnect between growth and job creation in Kenya is having detrimental consequences on living standards and working conditions, especially for youth. It discusses how a comprehensive approach that integrates employment goals with strategic growth plans can contribute to a more stable and equitable growth pattern.

  2. Publication

    Gender dimensions of national employment policies: A 24 country study

    18 November 2013

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 152

  3. Publication

    The Social Dimensions of Free Trade Agreements

    06 November 2013

    The report provides a comprehensive review of all existing trade agreements that include social provisions and discusses impacts for enterprises and workers.It also helps assess the challenges for arising from the multiplication of trade agreements that include different social provisions.

  4. ILO Research paper No. 8

    Understanding the drivers of the youth labour market in Kenya

    30 September 2013

    This paper examines the macroeconomic and individual elements affecting youth unemployment and inactivity in Kenya with a view to discussing the elements that are important for the youth labour market challenges.