Discussion guide on Informal Economy

Discussion forum | 06 June 2017
Download the discussion guide in Excel format, fill-in and then send to decentwork@ilo.org

Tip: the discussion should first establish the factual basis and then consider the actual implementation of the respective policies and actions.
  1. Does the government of your country dispose of statistics and information on workers and economic units, as well as working conditions and productivity, in the informal economy in order to assess the situation and monitor progress towards formalization?

  2. Does government carry out a diagnosis of informality considering both the characteristics and needs of workers, as well as economic needs, in the informal economy? Does the diagnosis also include the drivers of informality including an assessment of the legal, institutional and policy frameworks?

  3. Has government formulated a strategy for the gradual formalization of the informal economy in the country (including in agriculture and rural areas); for the national economy or for specific sectors or groups of workers in consultation with social partners?

  4. Is there any institutional coordination mechanism in place to facilitate the development and the effective implementation of integrated strategies with the full involvement of social partners?

  5. Has government adopted a specific regulatory framework (or adapted the general framework) with the aim of facilitating the registration and operations of businesses in the formal economy?

  6. Has government adjusted the legal framework so that workers and operators of the informal economy are able to secure rights to property, title assets or financial capital?

  7. Has government extended labour legislation to cover workers in the informal economy?

  8. Has government developed or revised regulations facilitating the formation, recognition and operations of informal economy associations and organizations?

  9. Does the national social security system provide informal economy workers and operators with the possibility of obtaining a minimum of social protection?

  10. Do the national and/or sectoral workers’ and employers’ organizations reach out to the informal economy?

  11. Are development partners, including the UN system, sensitive to the decent work deficits prevailing in the informal economy?