Good Practice

ASEAN-focussed labour market governance programme (OSH Component) - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

Collaborating directly with social partners and mass organizations, where implemented revealed the potential of mobilizing their networks, experience and identifying new outreach channels.

Recognized by national stakeholders as a structural challenge and work in progress, the project catalyzed initial inter-ministerial coordination, notably between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs as well as between the ILO and WHO.

The good practice of combining policy activities and hands-on activities with provinces, enterprises and workers at the local level offer multiple interfaces and opportunities for collective action and policy development.

The long-term engagement of the ILO and Japan as a donor on OSH issues in Viet Nam is proving to be a good practice in terms of an effective and reiterative cooperative strategy.

Promoting regional (e.g. ASEAN) and international exchange and learning processes are good long-term practices offering opportunities to stimulate dialogue and showcase new forms of policy and practical OSH action.