Good Practice

Support to promote and apply ILO Convention 111 on employment discrimination in China - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

The resources website is an innovative way to reach out to a wider audience. If maintained properly, it could have a long lasting impact to function as a media that turns the project materials into public knowledge.

The appealing training and training manual that triggered immediate action by key partners and other stakeholders, resulting among others in demands for training and other aids (guides etc.).

The involvement of national experts, including from Federations and State Commissions representing women, disabled, ethnic minorities, to work in teams has generated great interest for the issue of discrimination in employment. This can be put to serve an extended version of this and other related projects of the ILO and for anybody in China seeking advice on this issue.

The multi-sector collaboration model beyond the traditional tripartite structure is exemplary given the multi-faceted nature of discrimination in China.