Good Practice

Better Factories of Cambodia - Midterm Cluster Evaluation

Project documentation | 24 October 2017
Contact(s): DWT-Bangkok
Good Practice Description

IMS: The Information Management System (IMS) developed by BFC is regarded as a ‘world-first’ information management system for monitoring and reporting on working conditions in the garment trade though it is currently under revision. Reports on individual factories are uploaded to the IMS and factories concerned can log onto the IMS’s limited access website (extranet) with a password to view their own reports. Other users may view these factory specific reports for a fee and provided they have been granted access by the factory management. Buyers’ subscriptions resulted in an income of USD 353, 869 in 2012.

Anti-Fainting Campaign: BFC has produced a number of innovative materials (Brochures, Good Practice Sheets, Calendars, Audio-Visuals etc) aimed at addressing the mass- fainting epidemic of 2012. The Experts by Experience is one of the anti-fainting campaign activities designed to prevent or minimize fainting incidents. Other initiatives include the Cambodian Television Network comedy show on fainting issues, a workers’ calendar with monthly health and safety tips, and the One Change campaign. The One Change Campaign 2012 has been designed in order to help Cambodia’s garment factories reduce the likelihood of fainting in the workplace. Factory management are encouraged to make at least one of the suggested changes in order to improve the working environment generally and to combat the causes of fainting such as poor hygiene, nutrition, heat stress and poor worker-management communications.

Factories who successfully adopt one or more of these recommended changes were awarded the special status of a ‘One Change Factory' and earned the right to brandish the ‘One Change’ logo on their branding materials. These initiatives have been supported by the buyers, by GMAC, and the factories (BFC website 2012).
SST The Supervisory Skills Training Course was supported by IFC, and The Gap Inc to improve the supervisory skills of garment industry supervisors. The 2008 year-long randomized-experimental impact evaluation by ideas42Harvard concluded that the training improved worker-supervisor relationships and led to moderate improvement in overall factory productivity. This training has already been rolled out to other Better Work programmes and the basic approach is valid beyond the apparel and foot wear industry in Cambodia.