Publications on domestic work

  1. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 27

    The legal regulation of working time in domestic work

    19 January 2011

  2. ILO Periodical

    World of Work Magazine n°68 - April 2010: Decent work for domestic workers

    01 April 2010

    World of Work magazine is published three times a year by the Department of Communication and Public Information of the ILO in Geneva and distributed free of charge. This 68th edition focuses on Domestic work but also contains news from the world of work.

  3. International Migration Papers No. 96

    The gender dimension of domestic work in Western Europe

    08 October 2009

    In Western Europe, as in many other parts of the world, domestic work has the charasteristic of attracting a large and increasing number of female migrants. In this report, Ms Maria Gallotti examines the current situation of domestic workers in Western Europe, focusing in particular on women migrant workers, and recognizing them as belonging to one of the largest female dominated occupations and one of the least protected groups of workers under international and national labour legislation. The report has the purpose of demystifying clichés and identifying existing regulations, rules and practices governing the subject in selected countries of the region as well as possible strategies various actors can adopt to facilitate their successful integration into European labour markets. The report states that their situation, as well as the legislation covering them is rapidly evolving to better respond to the existing increasing demand.

  4. International Migration Papers No. 95

    Study of employment and Residence permits for migrant workers in major countries of destination.

    06 October 2009

    The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of current policies and procedures governing employment and residence permits for migrant workers in major countries of destination around the world. The study is intended to inform national and regional reviews of policies on the admission of migrant workers. This study is structured around a series of key issues for policy-makers: determining policy goals and options; assessing labour market demand for foreign workers; devising mechanisms for regulating admission and selecting migrant workers; and defining the conditions attached to employment permits. For each decision the main alternatives used across the study countries are explained, the pros and cons presented, and concrete examples provided. The final section of the study specifies its implications for a review of national policies and procedures. Annex 1 provides brief overviews of current trends and policy development in labour migration in the countries surveyed for this study, and is followed by a compilation of key sources and references.

  5. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 23

    Domestic work and domestic workers in Ghana: An overview of the legal regime and practice

    01 January 2009

  6. International Migration Papers No. 71

    Options for migration policies in the long term development of Mauritius

    10 May 2004

  7. International Migration Papers No. 69

    Labour market effects of immigration: An empirical analysis based on Italian data

    03 May 2004

  8. International Migration Papers No. 67

    Labor market discrimination against migrant workers in Italy

    06 February 2004

  9. International Migration Papers No. 64

    Empowering Filipino migrant workers: Policy issues and challenges

    08 January 2004

  10. Publication

    Domestic work, conditions of work and employment: A legal perspective, Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 7.

    01 January 2003