Events & training on domestic work

  1. National Conference on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in Turkey

    20 February 2013

    The conference - organized by the ILO, with the participation of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, aims at promoting a dialogue on domestic workers among representatives from the Turkish government, workers and employers organizations, civil society and academia.

  2. National Consultation on Integration of Migrant Domestic Workers

    7 February 2013

  3. European Commission conference "Exploiting the employment potential of personal and household services"

    31 January 2013

    In April 2012, the European Commission opened a public consultation on exploiting the employment potential of the personal and household services. This conference will examine the main outcomes of the consultation. The ILO-Brussels office will chair the panel on working conditions and standards.

  4. Stakeholders meeting "Promoting the integration of migrant domestic workers in Europe: the case of Belgium"

    30 January 2013

    A National Stakeholders meeting "Promoting the Integration of Migrant Domestic workers in Europe: the case of Belgium" is organized in Brussels by the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) of the University of Antwerp. This is one of the partners of the ILO-coordinated and EU-funded research project "Promoting Integration of Migrant Domestic workers in Europe".

  5. Join our Q&A session on domestic workers

    14 January 2013

    ILO expert Amelita King-Dejardin will be answering questions on the new global report on domestic workers, on Monday 14 January at 15:00 Geneva time (14:00 GMT). Send your questions to, using the hashtag #ILO2013.

  6. IDAY debate on the occasion of one year of domestic workers convention

    26 June 2012

    IDAY, a network of European and African civil society organizations committed to improving basic education in Africa, is organizing on 26 June 2012 a debate on domestic workers and education. Starting point is the documentary "The invisible workers". Various participants, including the ILO-Brussels Office, will take the floor. The Ambassador of Uruguay in Belgium will conclude the debate in his capacity as representative of the first country ratifying the Domestic Workers Convention. The debate takes place in the context of the first anniversary of this Convention.

  7. First Anniversary of Convention 189 (Decent Work for Domestic Workers)

    8 June 2012

    Meeting on the First anniversary of the Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers: this is a Joint meeting between IUF, IDWN (International Domestic Workers Network) and ITUC (International Trade Unions Confederation). The IDWN will be represented by leaders of domestic workers organizations in 7 countries in the regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbeans. They will inform the ratification processes in their respective countries.

  8. 2011 Asia Regional Conference on “Advocacy towards the Ratification and Implementation of ILO Convention 189 on Domestic Workers”

    24 - 26 October 2011

    The 2011 Asia Regional Conference on “Advocacy towards the Ratification and Implementation of ILO Convention 189 on Domestic Workers” brought together again domestic workers’ unions, trade unions, civil society groups and other social movements in the Asia region to serve as catalysts for national and regional initiatives towards the ratification of the Convention for domestic workers.

  9. Judicial Colloquium on Human Trafficking and Forced Labour for Magistrates

    7 - 9 August 2011

    The programme will include sessions on international labour standards and conventions relating to human trafficking and forced labour, domestic law and amendments on the subject, prosecutions, victims and psychological impact etc. This programme is being developed in consultation with the Ministry of Justice and the Judges Training Institute.

  10. Domestic Worker Research Network: Invitation to Launch & Reception

    12 June 2011

    The "Domestic Worker Research Network" (DW-RN) - an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers and activists - cordially invites you to attend a private reception to celebrate its official launch on the occasion of the conclusion of the discussion on Decent Work for Domestic Workers at the 100th session of the International Labour Conference.