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  1. © Tsvetanova, Slavev/BLITAB Tech 2022


    Persons with disabilities – An untapped resource

    10 November 2020

    We need to change perceptions and invest in persons with disabilities, says Mike Hess, Executive Director and founder of the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) in the United States.

  2. Video

    Employees social security: Benefits, returns, right and responsibilities

    09 November 2020

    This video focuses on the benefits offered by social security institutions; advantages of social security for businesses and returns for employers in the shape of productivity of workers and improved company image; it also focuses on the registration process and ease of registration and the rights of workers to registration under Social Security law for Pakistan.

  3. Our impact

    The road to employment and livelihoods in Timor-Leste

    02 November 2020

    Lack of access to schools, marketplaces and hospitals is a challenge for communities in Timor-Leste, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. An ILO initiative to rehabilitate rural roads is helping break their isolation, provide jobs and improve livelihoods.

  4. News

    Disability Inclusion in Economic Empowerment Strategies: Webinar

    27 October 2020

    How to foster inclusion of persons with disabilities in rural economies

  5. Joint Op-Ed

    Universal social protection floors are a joint responsibility

    26 October 2020

    Building back better from the pandemic so that we have greater resilience against future crises’ requires international solidarity and better social protection for all, that covers the poorest and most marginalized as well as those who currently have resources to pay.

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    The Jakarta Post

    Universal social protection floors, our joint responsibility

    05 October 2020

  7. Our impact, their voices

    Online shops help entrepreneurs with disabilities meet COVID challenges

    01 October 2020

    As COVID-19 reshapes the world of work, ILO is helping vulnerable people in Indonesia to stay competitive and improve their livelihoods.

  8. Video

    The journey of Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) in Indonesia

    30 September 2020

    The video captures the journey of DWCP in Indonesia from its first generation to the latest DWCP 2020-2025.

  9. ILO COOP 100 Slideshow I

    Cooperatives provide quality care services

    22 September 2020

    As part of the ILO COOP 100 photo exhibitions, the ILO is featuring the contributions of cooperatives and the wider SSE to advancing decent work and sustainable development. This series of photos feature the contribution of cooperatives and the wider SSE in providing quality care services, from childcare and eldercare to care for persons living with disability or illness.

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    G20 Labour and Employment Ministers

    ILO welcomes G20 commitment to inclusive, employment-focused recovery from COVID-19 crisis

    10 September 2020

    G20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting Declaration puts the focus on decent work, women and youth.