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    Give people with disabilities a chance to work

    17 March 2022

    Despite years of study, it was difficult for Elena Epuri to find a job. Elena has cerebral palsy and uses a walker to help with her mobility. Becoming a mother motivated her to continue her job search and two years ago she was hired by a company that actively seeks to recruit people with disabilities.

  2. Event

    Disability - Social Protection - Inclusion: Dialogue for Change

    This conference organized jointly by the ILO, UNICEF, UNPRPD, IDA and other partners will discuss country experiences in leveraging social protection for the inclusion of people with disabilities along the life cycle.

  3. Media advisory

    Global virtual conference on social protection and people with disabilities

    14 March 2022

    Participants will examine country case studies and ways for social protection systems to facilitate inclusion for people with disabilities.

  4. Workers with disabilities

    EmployAbility - Tapping the potential of persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific

    13 March 2022

    A resource guide to support employers and businesses wanting to promote decent work opportunities for persons with disabilities in their companies.

  5. News

    “The role of cooperatives in eliminating child labour” tool is now available in Spanish

    28 February 2022

  6. News

    We Effect translates Think.Coop into Macedonian

    25 February 2022

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    New skills helped my business recover from pandemic

    22 February 2022

    Juanda Badaru, who lives with a disability, saw his small business income halved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then his business expanded after he took entrepreneurship and small boat engine maintenance training.

  8. Video

    Raising awareness of harassment, violence and HIV/AIDS vulnerability in the maritime sector

    15 February 2022

    The video documents a training series aimed at improving equity in accessing maritime education and employment for under-represented groups as well as promoting social inclusion at the maritime workplace.

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    Our impact, their voices

    Reviving Indonesia’s local tourism industry with community ecotourism

    11 January 2022

    The ILO’s ecotourism training, as part of the UN joint programme, helps local tourism in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to rise in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Our impact, their voices

    Two young entrepreneurs embark to a new, digital business venture for SMEs

    16 December 2021

    After participating in the ILO digital marketing training, as part of UN joint programme, two young entrepreneurs join forces to start their own business. They hope to open new jobs for youth and provide various services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).