ILO COOP holds kick-off meeting with SNUAC to strengthen Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) policy in Asia

ILO officials held a kick-off meeting with Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC) team to discuss the implementation plan for the second phase of the project on Strengthening SSE Policy in Asia.

News | 28 July 2021
The ILO held a kick-off meeting with SNUAC, the implementing agency for the 2nd phase of the project on Strengthening SSE Policy in Asia (July 2021 - December 2023). The project aims to improve stakeholders understanding of SSE and strengthen their capacities to develop SSE policies and programmes in Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Cambodia.

Ms. Heejin Ahn, Technical Officer on Cooperatives and SSE at the ILO opened the meeting by welcoming the participants and introducing the SNUAC team. She then provided a brief overview of the first phase of the project and shared the agenda of the meeting. Following suit, Ms. Simel Esim, ILO COOP Programme Manager gave a presentation of the Unit and its work. This was followed by Dr. Gowoon Kim and Dr. Seungwon Lee from SNUAC presenting the composition of the research team, project strategy for the research and capacity building activities, and a breakdown of the proposed budget.

The presentations were followed by a round of Q&A moderated by Mr. Dong Il Choi, ILO Cooperatives and Social & Solidarity Economy Development Specialist. Key discussion points included the composition of the advisory committee at the national and global levels that will oversee and guide the implementation of the project, selection of researchers or institutions that will undertake the study in six countries, and the plans for the conference and workshop taking into considering the evolving situation around COVID-19 pandemic. The participants agreed that initial orientation and regular capacity building workshops will be necessary to set a common understanding of the project objectives, research methodology and expected outputs with the national researchers.

ILO COOP officials announced the next steps including the preparation towards signing of the MOU, and holding a workshop to share past research methodology used on SSE, and present ILO’s work on informal economy & SSE.

SNUAC’s full presentation can be viewed here.