ILO's work on cooperatives in Europe and Central Asia

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    Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Social and Solidarity Economy? International Conference

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    ILO and International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Joint Conference on Cooperatives and the Future of Work

  3. Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators

    Centre for Co-operative Studies: Building a solid knowledge base on the cooperative business model

    29 April 2019

    “Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators” is a series of interviews with co-operators from around the world with whom ILO officials have crossed paths during the course of their work on cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE). On this occasion, ILO interviewed Ms Bridget Carroll, a lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Co-operative Studies in Ireland.

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    ILO’s message to a conference on Italian cooperative responses toward advancing gender equality at work

    11 April 2019

    ILO has sent a video message for a conference on women in the workplace and cooperative responses to advance gender equality in Italy.

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    ILO’s participation in a public seminar on economic democracy and worker cooperatives in Ireland

    09 April 2019

    ILO participates in a dialogue with trade unions, cooperatives and academics in Ireland and the UK on the potential of worker cooperatives in advancing economic democracy and decent work in the context of the future of work.

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    Founding of SADA Women’s Cooperative Joyfully Celebrated

    05 April 2019

    The founding of SADA Women’s Cooperative under the project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls” being implemented in Gaziantep jointly by UN Women, ILO and ASAM was celebrated with seminars and meetings with the participation of Ms. Melike Davaslı Okçu, an expert from the Ministry of Trade.

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    The 10th Edition of the ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy – A human-centred agenda for the future of work

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    ILO and ITC-ILO engagement on cooperative and social and solidarity economy development in 2019

    31 January 2019

    The key areas of collaboration in 2019 include development and dissemination of new training tools on cooperatives and a series of ILO Academies on SSE and the future of work.

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    Three editions of the Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) forthcoming in 2019

    17 January 2019

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    Introductory Seminar on Cooperatives Held for SADA Women Centre Trainees

    14 January 2019

    An introductory seminar on cooperatives was held for the Project beneficiaries for a “women’s cooperative” to be established under the “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls” being implemented in Gaziantep jointly by UN Women, ILO and ASAM.