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    International Day of Cooperatives - Cooperating in times of crisis

    03 July 2008

    This year, the growing role of cooperatives in confronting global crises of climate change and food price rises is garnering growing attention. Cooperatives can play an increasingly important role in balancing economic, social and environmental concerns as well as in contributing to poverty reduction and prevention. ILO Online interview with Hagen Henry, Head of the ILO’s Cooperative Programme.

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    ILO launches new grant scheme to promote cooperatives in Africa - Calls for proposals

    16 May 2008

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) today announced the launch of a new grant scheme through the Cooperative Facility for Africa programme.

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    International Day of Cooperatives 2007 - Seeds of change: cooperatives in Ethiopia

    05 July 2007

    Celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July, the International Day of Cooperatives highlights this year how cooperatives can promote corporate social responsibility by their very nature as enterprises that balance economic, environmental, and social imperatives. ILO Online reports from Ethiopia where the ILO helped to organize more than 100,000 coffee producers in 115 cooperatives.

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    New ILO-Russia Programme of Cooperation defines priorities for 2006-2009

    06 June 2006

    The Russian tripartite delegation to the annual Conference of International Labour Organization and ILO Director-General Juan Somavia today signed a Programme of Cooperation between Russia and the ILO for the years 2006-2009.

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    Dutch government supports Decent Work Country Programmes

    30 May 2006

    The Government of the Netherlands will provide 38.5 million dollars to support the launch of the ILO Decent Work Country Programme strategy over the next four years.