Improving labour relations for decent work and sustainable development in the Myanmar garment industry

This project aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the empowerment of women in Myanmar by improving labour relations, social dialogue and gender equality in the garment industry.

Coming out of decades of military rule and isolation, Myanmar is yet to develop an adequate legal and institutional framework for sound labour market governance. The ILO and the tripartite partners are currently working towards the development of such a framework, but workers, employers and their organizations can take immediate action to address common concerns around wages and working conditions through social dialogue.

The project aims (1) to assist employers and workers in selected enterprises to build sound labour relations practices, including collective bargaining, through training programmes with a particular focus on identifying and overcoming barriers to women’s participation in social dialogue; (2) to deliver a health education programme targeted at women workers; and (3) to support employers’ and workers’ organizations at sectoral level in developing practices of bi-partite social dialogue through capacity building for each party at sectoral level, again with a focus on gender issues that reflects the specificities of the sector.