1. © Rod Waddington 2024

    Achieving SDG Target 8.7: Research to action on child labour and forced labour

    28 February 2024

    Save the date to join us in this critical discussion on achieving SDG Target 8.7 through the transformative power of research and informed action.


  1. © ILO/Thierry Falise 2024

    The impact of climate change on child labour: Challenges and opportunities for action

    1 December 2023

    Organized during the 14th annual meeting of the ILO Child Labour Platform, the conversation aims to foster understanding of the interlinkages between climate changes and labour rights, particularly child labour, and to provide an overview of what the ILO is doing to address this challenge.

  2. From the Ground Up: Collective Action to End Child Labour in Supply Chains

    30 November - 1 December 2023

    The Platform’s annual meeting is an important opportunity to take stock of our collective efforts to combat child labour, exchange knowledge on common and emerging challenges, and foster partnerships and actions on the ground. Companies from across sectors and regions will convene in Geneva this year, along with representatives of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and international organizations.

  3. © Unsplash/ Jorge Barahona 2024

    Child labour and education exclusion among indigenous children

    25 September 2023

    The panel will discuss the findings of an ILO issue paper on the twin challenges of child labour and education exclusion among indigenous children. The findings of the issue paper make clear that child labour and education exclusion of indigenous children are driven in important part by broader violations of the rights of indigenous peoples.

  4. © Nehal Patel 2024

    World Day Against Child Labour – Social Justice for All: How to end Child Labour

    12 June 2023

    On World Day Against Child Labour, a high-level side event was organized by the ILO during the 111th session of the International Labour Conference. The discussion focused on the link between social justice and the elimination of child labour. Panelists highlighted examples of how ILO constituents have followed up on their commitments and how these are important steps towards increasing social justice.

  5. © Robert Collins 2024

    World of Work Show: What’s the key to ending Child Labour?

    12 June 2023

    The ILO World of Work Show looks at what else needs to be done to protect the 160 million children worldwide who are in child labour – many in dangerous conditions. We will also explore the critical role of social protection in protecting workers and their families.

  6. Together to end child labour in agrifood value chains

    12 June 2023

    A Dialogue jointly organized by FAO and ILO-Brussels to mark the World day against child labour

  7. AUC-ILO Africa Forum on Child Labour “Harnessing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to address Child Labour”

    26 April 2023

    The main objective of the event is to support the implementation of the African Union’s “Ten Year Action Plan to Eradicate Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery”.

  8. ACCEL Africa Regional Conference: Knowledge Sharing for Partnerships on the Elimination of Child Labour in Supply Chains

    22 - 24 February 2023


  1. Press conference presents results of a study on Child Labour

    20 December 2022

    The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) holds a press conference to bring attention to the issue of child labour in Mongolia and shares the findings of a recently published qualitative study on the issue.