Tools: Transition to the labour market or into further education and training

Information on apprenticeship opportunities and post-apprenticeship pathways, Switzerland

The national Swiss portal provides comprehensive information on post-apprenticeship pathways and opportunities, helping apprenticeship graduates in the transition to the labour market or into further education and training. It offers guidance on how to become self-employed and how to start a business and highlights important points to consider beforehand, as well as detailing legal requirements and procedures.

The website offers information and links on apprenticeship and other helpful tools to aid career choices, helping users to find their way through the multiple programmes and pathways of vocational education and training. It shows apprentice opportunities in a given area and occupation, including a description of tasks, education and training pathways, and career progression via further education and training.

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How to design, plan, implement and evaluate an employment fair, ILO, Egypt

This tool seeks to enhance the capacity of national and local level institutions to support jobseekers, including apprentices, in their quest for employment. It documents the experiences that the ILO has gathered in supporting public employment service offices in planning and implementing employment fairs. Its main goal is to serve as a reference for staff in public employment service offices and members of local career guidance taskforces that are partners in the organization of employment fairs.


Guide to starting and improving a business, ILO

This guide is intended as a practical tool to support the implementation of the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme. It provides step-by-step guidance for the successful introduction of SIYB in a given context, from carrying out an initial market assessment to planning for sustainability. SIYB has four training packages that correspond to the stages of business development:

  • Generate Your Business Idea
  • Start Your Business
  • Improve Your Business
  • Expand Your Business.

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The master craft sperson qualification – higher level vocational qualifications for graduate apprentices, Germany

The traditional further qualification for an apprentice, after several years of work experience, is the master craftsperson qualification. Master craftsperson qualifications offer a higher vocational education which is quite different from university education. In Germany, individuals with an industrial master craftsperson qualification hold key positions in companies. Straddling the worlds of planning and production, they act as intermediaries between production workers and management, and their qualifications prepare them for serving as specialists, trainers and leaders in their field. Their core tasks are focused on technical and organizational areas as well as on the training and leadership of colleagues. In addition, they are also responsible for applying and integrating the latest process, information and communication technology into existing production processes.


Europass to promote mobility between countries in the EU

The Europass Certificate Supplement is a tool designed to make apprentices from one EU country employable in other EU countries. The Certificate Supplements describe the country-specific standards of the respective training occupation and provide a brief description of the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired through vocational training. In addition, they provide information on the duration, type and level of training as well as the course of training in which this can be achieved.

The Europass Certificate Supplements apply to all those who have obtained the relevant vocational certificate. They are prepared by the competent authorities in the respective EU Member State. The Certificate Supplements for dual training occupations in Germany and for advanced training occupations are drawn up by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the BIBB, together with the social partners. In addition to the German-language version, the Europass Certificate Supplements are also available in English and French.

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