By completing the following checklist, readers of this Toolkit can revisit the key elements involved in post-training transitions and evaluation and also carry out a rapid assessment of the functioning of related systems. It will help readers to identify the elements that could be improved and to assess whether additional measures are needed.

Post-training transitions and evaluation Yes No Needs improvement Remarks
Do apprenticeship qualifications have a good reputation in the relevant sector(s)?        
Do employers recognize the apprenticeship certificate when recruiting employees?        
Is there an institution responsible for job placement for apprentices?        
Are specific job-search tools for apprentices available?        
Is there support for apprenticeship graduates who would like to become self-employed?        
Are there opportunities for apprenticeship graduates to continue their education?        
Is there a monitoring system for evaluating the effectiveness of apprenticeship programmes? If so, has it been discussed and defined in a social dialogue working group?        
Are baseline data for apprentices collected before apprenticeship programmes begin to allow tracer studies to be carried out?        
Is an annual report produced in which data on quality assurance are presented to the public?        
Are the data from the monitoring system evaluated and presented in accordance with the specifications of the social dialogue working group?        
Are the results of evaluation readily available to all stakeholders, including the general public?        
Are the results of the apprenticeship evaluation used by decision-makers for reviewing policy and programmes?        

The questions to which readers have answered “No” or “Needs improvement” point to gaps where measures to improve or strengthen post-training transitions and evaluation in their contexts should be considered. It is important to keep in mind that the involvement of social partners, including workers’ and employers’ organizations, in the design, development and implementation of apprenticeships, is a key factor for the success and sustainability of apprenticeship programmes.