Tools: Recruiting apprentices

Online portal for apprenticeship, India

India has a comprehensive online portal that facilitates the registration of apprentices, enterprises, intermediaries, basic training providers and third-party aggregators. Enterprises can select apprentices and register apprenticeship agreements through the portal. The apprenticeship candidates and enterprises can access information about available apprenticeship opportunities and applications by parameters such as state, district, sector and trade, organization, qualification, etc. The portal also provides information about the Apprentices Act 1961. Furthermore, enterprises can submit their claim for subsidies under national apprenticeship promotion scheme online. Apprentices can also check the results of their final assessment. Currently there are two portals for different categories of programmes that are intended to be merged into one ( in the future.

Source: (registration form).

The European job mobility portal

Drop’pin@EURES is an online platform where companies and organizations can promote and showcase their youth opportunities and is designed to help young Europeans take their first steps into the labour market. Opportunities available on the platform include apprenticeships, traineeships, training programmes, e-learning courses, language training, mobility support, coaching and mentoring, etc.

Drop’pin@EURES also facilitates matching of youth opportunities with the right young person’s profile by granting access to a large number of skilled jobseekers across Europe. On the platform, employers are able to find the perfect match by browsing the CVs of potential candidate online. The tool also allows organizations to directly and easily post youth opportunities on the portal, which can be seen by young EURES members from all over Europe.


Guide to apprentice recruitment for employers, United Kingdom

This tool has been designed to guide enterprises, particularly SMEs, through the apprenticeship recruitment process. It outlines ten steps involved in the recruitment of apprentices, from developing the job specification and advertising the vacancy, to preparing and carrying out the interview and selecting the succesful candidate. It also includes an apprenticeship vacancy template and interview question bank. The publication encourages good practice in all aspects of the recruitment of apprentices and promotes equality and diversity.

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An online apprentice test designed to match training employers and apprentices, Austria

This modular online test system supports the selection of apprentices and future skilled workers.The apprentice selection process aims at an optimal match between training employers and apprentices. Some features of the test are detailed below:

  • An individual aptitude test that includes 15 modules, allowing an assessment that is independent of school grades.
  • Open questions provide insights into the applicant’s motivation for applying to the specific apprenticeship occupation and employer.
  • The test is user-friendly and easy to use. Evaluation takes place automatically. The results and applicant data are clearly presented.
  • The integration of employer-specific tasks and ability to adapt the test design to an individual employer makes the test easily customizable.
Source: (in German).

Procedure for recruiting apprentices, Switzerland

The selection records document is intended as a guide for employers, trainers and human resources personnel involved in the recruitment of apprentices, to help determine a person’s suitability for apprenticeship.

The document includes sections on general information on the candidate, the recruitment interview and suggestions for questions to ask regarding personal motivations and the steps following the interview.

The questionnaire gives structure to the interview, showing how the interview should unfold. It facilitates objective comparison while at the same time providing sound reasons for accepting or refusing an application.

Guide to using the selection records document:

A mechanism for transferring an apprentice, South Africa

For various reasons, it may become necessary for an apprentice to move to another employer during an apprenticeship. The transfer of an apprentice from one employer to another often has the potential to involve costs for all concerned. This tool provides an example of how such a transfer may be conducted.