Key Indicators of the Labour Market 2015 KILM

6. Part-time workers

The indicator on part-time workers focuses on individuals whose working hours total less than “full time”, as a proportion of total employment. Because there is no internationally accepted definition as to the minimum number of hours in a week that constitute full-time work, the dividing line is determined either on a country-by-country basis or through the use of special estimations.

Harvesting information from international data repositories as well as regional and national statistical sources, the KILM offers data for over 200 countries. The 17 indicators provide detailed information related to 36 data tables, including indicators on employment (occupation, status, sector, hours, etc.), labour underutilization and the characteristics of job seekers, education, wages, labour productivity and working poverty. Taken together, these indicators provide a strong foundation from which to address key questions related to productive employment and decent work.