Albania: Report on the pilot project towards developing statistical tools for measuring employment in the environmental sector and generating statistics on green jobs

Over the recent years there has been increasing demand for statistical data related to green economy and its potential to create economic growth and jobs. However, very little has been done on measuring the employment of green economy and all other employment issues related to the greening of economy. The ILO, in recognition of the limitations of the current situation concerning the availability of data on employment in the green economy but also clarity concerning concepts and definitions of green jobs, developed guidelines concerning statistical definition of employment in the environmental sector an green jobs presented and discussed at the 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS), in Oct. 2013. At the same time the ILO developed a methodology for collecting statistics on a set of variables relevant to the existence and nature of green jobs. A number of countries, including Albania, have participated in pilot programmes designed to test the practical application of the concepts and definitions presented in the guidelines and new data collection methodology. This paper reports on the pilot surveys conducted in Albania at the end of 2013. The main objective of these pilot surveys was to improve the methodology for data collection on employment in the environmental sector and green jobs.