Frequently Asked Questions on Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

How to use this FAQ

This database is intended to help persons engaged in the study or application of the MLC, 2006 to find answers to numerous questions. The answers provided in the database cannot in themselves be cited as authoritative legal opinions. This is because, in the first place, the precise requirements of the Convention are those contained in the national laws or regulations adopted by each country to implement the MLC, 2006. No authoritative answer can, therefore, be given to any question without reference to the applicable national legal system. In the second place, the answers in the database are intended to be short and concise explanations rather than legal opinions. Such opinions can be provided by the ILO to governments and shipowners‘ and seafarers‘ organizations upon request and on the understanding that only the International Court of Justice is competent to give authoritative interpretations of international labour Conventions.

Help us to improve the FAQ

Finally, this database will be frequently updated. For this purpose, governments and shipowners‘ and seafarers‘ organizations are invited to provide comments on or additions to the answers given, especially in the light of the knowledge gained in their involvement in the preparation of the Convention and/or taking account of their day-to-day experience in the application of laws and regulations or other measures implementing the MLC, 2006. Comments or additions will be referred to in the database and, in many cases, edited versions will be integrated into it. Comments or additions clearly identifying the questions concerned should be sent by electronic mail to