Standards Review Mechanism Tripartite Working Group (SRM TWG)

Second meeting of the SRM TWG (October 2016)

The second meeting of the SRM TWG took place at the ILO in Geneva from 10 to 14 October 2016. During the meeting, the SRM TWG determined the follow-up to be taken to the 63 instruments, 36 of which are Conventions and 27 of which are Recommendations, that have been previously identified as outdated.

Preparatory Documents

A series of preparatory documents has been created to facilitate the work of the SRM TWG. The one overview document is followed by two groups of documents. The first group of documents are those that are intended to facilitate your consideration of the follow-up required in relation to the 63 outdated instruments. The second group are supporting documents

Background tools to facilitate the SRM TWG’s work’


Organization and Planning


The SRM TWG reached consensual decisions in relation to the follow-up to be taken to the 63 instruments that had previously been determined to be outdated. These decisions were approved by the Governing Body at its 328th Session.

Most notably, the Governing Body placed an item on the agenda of the 107th Session of the Conference proposing the abrogation or withdrawal of nine instruments. It requested the Office to prepare a proposal for a standard-setting item on apprenticeships, in relation to which the SRM TWG had identified a regulatory gap. In approving the recommendations of the SRM TWG, the Governing Body requested the Office to commence strategic follow-up within 12 months in relation to the 30 outdated Conventions, encouraging the ratification of the related more up to date instruments.