Plan of action (2010-2016) to achieve widespread ratification and effective implementation of the occupational safety and health instruments (Convention No. 155, its 2002 Protocol and Convention No. 187)

The determined efforts made over recent years by the ILO and its constituents to develop a more holistic and integrated approach to the fundamental issue of occupational safety and health (OSH) culminated in the adoption by the ILO Governing Body at its 307th Session (March 2010) of a Plan of Action for achieving the widespread ratification and effective implementation of the three OSH instruments (Convention No. 155, its 2002 Protocol and Convention No. 187). This Plan of Action builds on the 2003 Global Strategy on OSH, the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187), and the 2009 General Survey on Occupational Safety and Health.

Policy | 15 June 2010
The Plan of Action is intended to serve as a basis for concerted and broad-based action to attain a significant reduction in the unacceptable human suffering and economic losses that are still caused by work-related accidents and illnesses worldwide. The Plan of Action outlines strategies focussed on: mapping the current situation at the national level and the readiness to take action; promoting and supporting the development of a preventive safety and health culture; overcoming shortcomings in the implementation of ratified Conventions; and improving OSH conditions in small and medium-sized enterprises and the informal economy.

The modern systems approach to OSH reflected in the three key instruments is designed to encourage cooperation between governments and the social partners in the development of their national OSH programmes and strategies and the continuous improvement of their OSH infrastructure and situation. Emphasis will therefore be placed on providing support for tripartite action at the national level. Relevant issues and targets will be identified in consultation with constituents in the countries concerned and plans for action at the national level will be developed for implementation on a tripartite basis.

The Plan of Action will be implemented jointly by the Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (SafeWork) and the International Labour Standards Department (NORMES), in close collaboration with the Bureaux for Employers’ Activities and for Workers Activities, as well as the relevant units at headquarters and in the field.