Research topics

Global Research Agenda

The purpose of the ILO Global Research Agenda is to identify policy approaches that help improve employment and social outcomes, support recovery from the global financial crisis and boost sustainable economic growth.

It covers four main topics:
  • employment and the quality of jobs
  • returns on investment in social security
  • inequality, instability and employment
  • international labour standards and socially inclusive globalisation.

Employment and quality of jobs

This research assesses links between employment and growth and how they can be enhanced by policies. It also examines trends in the quality of jobs, as mediated by skill policies, macroeconomic policies, trade, regulations and labour market institutions.

Returns on investments in social security

This research examines how to improve coverage of social security and links with productive employment, inclusive growth and social cohesion. It includes an assessment of returns on investments in social security/social protection systems.

Inequality, instability and employment

This work analyses the links between wage developments, income inequality, job creation and sustainable growth. It looks at the interactions between market forces, labour institutions and inequality trends in advanced economies and developing countries.

International Labour Standards and socially inclusive globalization

The research i) reviews national implementation of International Labour Standards (ILS), ii) identifies how ILS benefit workers in informal economies, iii) examines anti-crisis measures that have linked financial aid and assistance with labour standards, and iv) explores the potential impacts of ILS through trade agreements. This work also looks at the challenges and opportunities in the areas of public and private governance, the role of social dialogue at various governance levels and related labour law issues.