ILO Research Department Seminar

An overview of Corporate Social Responsibility in China

CSR has become a global trend. With the growing concern on the economic development and social progress, the CSR situation in China has also aroused people's interests. In this presentation, the evolution and the current situation of CSR based on the quantity and quality of CSR reports, CSR management and information disclosing level etc. in China will be analyzed firstly. Then, the actions from different stakeholders including government at different levels, industry association, education and research institutions, and capital market will be discussed. Next, four key areas of CSR practice including participating in poverty alleviation, conducting environment protection, promoting social employment, and engaging in strategic social responsibility in China nowadays will be put forwards. Lastly, some conclusions and implications will be shared.

Presenter: Yingjie Xu, Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security
Chair: Lawrence Jeff Johnson, ILO, RESEARCH

Xu Yingjie is a Ph.D. in management and an associate researcher. Since 2015, he has worked in the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security affiliated to Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security of P.R.C. His main research fields are labor relations, wage income distribution, and CSR. He has long been paying close attention to the development of corporate social responsibility in China.