Working papers


  1. ILO/Sida Partnership on Employment Working Paper No. 4

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and employment policies in the Philippines

    23 March 2020

  2. Publication

    "System needs update":Upgrading protection against cyberbullying and ICT-enabled violence and harassment in the world of work

    13 February 2020

    The term ‘cyberbullying’ has been used to describe aggressive conducts carried out through information and communication technologies (ICT), and can involve picture/video clips, emails, or social network sites, among others.

  3. STRENGTHEN Publication Series

    Employment Impact Assessments: Integrating the informal sector into social accounting matrices and computable general equilibrium models

    31 January 2020

    STRENGTHEN Publication Series Working Paper No. 6

  4. Research Department Working Paper n°53

    Gender inequality and old-age income security: The case of Mexico

    21 January 2020

  5. EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 253

    Youth transitions and lifetime trajectory

    17 January 2020

  6. EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 252

    Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Okun’s Law in Latin America and the Caribbean

    17 January 2020

  7. EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 254

    Informal Employment Trends in the Indian Economy: Persistent informality, but growing positive development

    17 January 2020


  1. Publication

    The scope of essential services: Laws, Regulations and Practices

    23 December 2019

  2. Fair recruitment

    Operational Manual on Recruitment Costs – SDG 10.7.1

    20 December 2019

    This Operational Manual on Recruitment Costs – SDG 10.7.1 aids in the collection and dissemination of data on recruitment costs and serves as a means of setting standards to produce comparable data across countries.

  3. Publication

    The Employment Generation Impact of Meeting SDG Targets in Early Childhood Care, Education, Health and Long- Term Care in 45 Countries

    19 December 2019