Meeting documents

November 2023

  1. GB.349/POL/4(Rev.1)/Decision

    Decision concerning the enhanced programme of development cooperation for the occupied Arab territories

    03 November 2023

  2. GB.349/INS/11(Rev.1)

    Report concerning developments on the full implementation by the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of the agreed plan of action to give effect to the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry in respect of Conventions Nos 26, 87 and 144

    03 November 2023

    In version "Rev.1" of 3 November, paragrah 11 and annex 2 have been added and the point for decison has been updated.

  3. GB.349/INS/10(rev.1)

    Annual report on the implementation of the ILO technical cooperation programme “Strengthening the National Tripartite Committee on Labour Relations and Freedom of Association in Guatemala for the effective application of international labour standards”

    03 November 2023

    This document contains the annual progress report on the implementation of the technical cooperation programme agreed between the Government and social partners of Guatemala and the ILO. The Governing Body is invited to take note of the report (see the draft decision in paragraph 16). The version "Rev.1" of 03 November contains two new annexes.

  4. GB.349/POL/2/Decision

    Decision concerning the ILO integrated strategy for the promotion and implementation of the right to collective bargaining

    02 November 2023

  5. GB.349/INS/20

    Composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings

    02 November 2023

  6. GB.349/INS/18/5(Rev.1)/Decision

    Decision concerning the arrangements for the 349th bis and 349th ter (Special) Sessions of the Governing Body

    02 November 2023

  7. GB.349/INS/5/Decision

    Decision concerning the developments in the United Nations system

    02 November 2023

  8. GB.349/INS/4/Decision

    Decision concerning the update on the Global Coalition for Social Justice

    01 November 2023

  9. GB.349/INS/3/3/Decision

    Decision concerning the follow-up to the resolution concerning a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all

    01 November 2023

October 2023

  1. GB.349/INS/3/2/Decision

    Decision concerning the follow-up to the resolution concerning the second recurrent discussion on labour protection

    31 October 2023

  2. GB.349/PFA/10/Decision

    Decision concerning the review of the jurisdictional set-up of the United Nations common system

    31 October 2023

  3. GB.349/PFA/8/Decision

    Decision concerning the amendments to the Staff Regulations

    31 October 2023

  4. GB.349/PFA/6/Decision

    Decision concerning the matters relating to the Joint Inspection Unit

    31 October 2023

  5. GB.349/INS/13(Rev.1)

    Follow-up to the resolution concerning the measures recommended by the Governing Body under article 33 of the ILO Constitution on the subject of Belarus.

    31 October 2023

    In the "Rev. 1" version of 31 October, a correction has been made in paragraph 5 and a new paragraph 22 was added.

  6. GB.349/INS/12(Rev.1)

    Report by the Government of Bangladesh on progress made on the implementation of the road map taken to address all outstanding issues mentioned in the article 26 complaint concerning alleged non-observance of Conventions Nos 81, 87 and 98

    31 October 2023

    In "Rev.1" of 31 October, the draft point for decision has been updated.

  7. Meeting document

    ILO House Style Manual: Sixth Edition

    31 October 2023


  8. GB.349/PFA/5/Decision

    Decision concerning the high-level evaluations of strategies and Decent Work Country Programmes

    30 October 2023

  9. GB.349/PFA/4/Decision

    Decision concerning the annual evaluation report 2022–23

    30 October 2023

  10. GB.349/PFA/1/Decision

    Decision concerning the proposed 2024–25 budgets for extrabudgetary accounts: Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (CINTERFOR)

    30 October 2023

  11. GB.349/INS/18/3/Decision

    Decision concerning the appointment of three Regional Directors

    30 October 2023