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The International Labour Review (ILR) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of international scope in labour and employment studies. Established in 1921 by decision of the ILO Governing Body, it is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish and administered by the ILO Research Department.

The ILR aims to advance academic research and inform policy debate and decision-making in all fields related to the world of work, such as economics, law, industrial relations, social policy, sociology and history, by publishing and bringing together the original thinking of academics and experts in those fields. It also features concise reports on current developments and reviews of recent major publications considered to be of particular interest to those working in these fields. Read more...

Call for papers for a Special Issue of the International Labour Review

Interlinked crises and the world of work

The International Labour Review invites the submissions of papers that analyse the responses to the impacts of multiple “interlinked crises” on people, especially in the world of work, with a view to publishing a special multidisciplinary issue in English, French and Spanish.

Submissions are encouraged from all fields related to the world of work, such as economics, law, industrial relations, political science, social policy, sociology, psychosocial studies, environmental studies and history; and which make an important contribution to the research literature in this field of study, and provide general lessons for policy, where appropriate.

Abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2023.

Call for papers

ILR centenary

The year 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the ILR. To celebrate this milestone, the ILR launched various initiatives to highlight its history and multidisciplinary contributions to academic research and policy debate at the global level. These initiatives include an interactive timeline, exploring the people and events that have shaped the journal over the past 100 years, and the publication of a Centenary Collection. This is composed of a dedicated article revisiting the ILR’s history and guest-edited Centenary Issues examining recurring and enduring themes of past ILR articles. 

Centenary launch
A virtual event was organized on 12 July 2021 to mark the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Review (ILR). This showcased the history of the ILR and its contributions to academic research and policy debate on the world of work at the global level. It was also an occasion to present the various initiatives planned to celebrate this important anniversary.

Current issue

  1. Vol. 162 (2023), No. 1

    • Digital platforms and the changing freelance workforce in the Russian Federation: A ten-year perspective, by Andrey SHEVCHUK and Denis STREBKOV
    • “There is no future in it”: Pandemic and ride-hailing hustle in Africa, by Mohammad Amir ANWAR, Jack ONG’IRO ODEO and Elly OTIENO
    • The role of local stakeholders in transforming economic into social upgrading in Ethiopian textile and garment firms, by Telaye Fikadu MULUBIRAN and Asbjørn KARLSEN
    • Assessing companies’ decent work practices: An analysis of ESG rating methodologies, by Céline LOUCHE, Guillaume DELAUTRE and Gabriela BALVEDI PIMENTEL
    • Promoting the associational power of workers in globalized production networks: A missed opportunity, by Clément SÉHIER
    • Freedom of association and collective bargaining in the platform economy: A human rights-based approach and an ever-increasing mobilization of workers, by Charalampos STYLOGIANNIS
    • Union collective action, social movement unionism and worker freedom in New Zealand, by Jane PARKER and Ozan ALAKAVUKLAR

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