International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

Centenary Issue No. 4: Collective labour relations

Guest Editor: Gerhard BOSCH

Introduction: Towards inclusive collective industrial relations – Selected articles from the International Labour Review throughout the last century, by Gerhard BOSCH

The German Works Councils Act and its significance, by Eduard BERNSTEIN (1921)

The extension of collective agreements to cover entire trades and industries, by Ludwig HAMBURGER (1939)

Industrial relations and the determination of conditions of employment in wartime, by I. BESSLING (1942)

Human relations in industry, by E. DAYA (1952)

Comparative industrial relations: Pitfalls and potential, by Johannes SCHREGLE (1981)

From full-time wage employment to atypical employment: A major shift in the evolution of labour relations?, by Efrén CÓRDOVA (1986)

Intensified competition, industrial restructuring and industrial relations, by Werner SENGENBERGER (1992)

Societal change and industrial relations in Latin America: Trends and prospects, by Arturo S. BRONSTEIN (1995)

ILO principles concerning collective bargaining, by Bernard GERNIGON, Alberto ODERO and Horacio GUIDO (2000)

Collective bargaining and equality: Making connections, by Adelle BLACKETT and Colleen SHEPPARD (2003)

The meta-regulation of European industrial relations: Power shifts, institutional dynamics and the emergence of regulatory competition, by Theodoros PAPADOPOULOS and Antonios ROUMPAKIS (2013)

Three scenarios for industrial relations in Europe, by Richard HYMAN (2015)

Shrinking collective bargaining coverage, increasing income inequality: A comparison of five EU countries, by Gerhard BOSCH (2015)

Positive class compromise in globalized production? The Freedom of Association Protocol in the Indonesian sportswear industry, by Karin Astrid SIEGMANN, Jeroen MERK and Peter KNORRINGA (2017)

Labour geographies of the platform economy: Understanding collective organizing strategies in the context of digitally mediated work, by Hannah JOHNSTON (2020)

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