Employers’ organizations taking the lead on gender equality. Case studies from 10 countries.

Describes the wide range of action that is being taken on the issue of gender equity by a selection of employers' organizations from countries at different levels of development.

Gender equality is an important issue for society, and many employers worldwide have been instrumental in attaining greater levels of equality between men and women at work. The case studies presented here provide insights into the efforts being made by employers and their organizations in countries across the world. The gender equality issues that employers’ organizations address vary considerably from country to country. There is, however, a common thread which emerges from analysis of the case studies – namely that, when employers act together through their representative organizations, they can influence reform in a way that is beneficial both to themselves and to society as a whole, rather than having it imposed upon them. This informative guide offers examples of the rationale, the actions and initiatives taken by employers’ organizations in order to provide an impetus for reflection and inspiration for others to follow.