Support for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. An overview report

Covers the background information to the ILO-African Development Bank country-level studies on the subject and presents the findings and recommendations resulting from the application of the analytical integrated framework in the three countries.

The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Addis Ababa Forum in June 2003 focused on the role of women entrepreneurs in private sector development, poverty reduction, and sustainable growth and development. It provided an opportunity for the AfDB and the International Labour Office (ILO) to join forces using their complementary expertise in support of women-owned businesses in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zambia. This report provides background information on the ILO-AfDB country-level studies on growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. It discusses the growing global interest in the phenomenon and offers details on the methodology used in gathering information for the report as well as an overview of the situation facing women entrepreneurs in these countries. In addition, the report examines the application of integrated framework and identifies policy and programme measures in support of women entrepreneurs while also highlighting good practices and offering recommendations for further act