Employment revival in Europe

Provides a comparative analysis of labour market progress made towards the goal of full employment and decent work in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands and discusses some of the reasons for the relative success of the four countries. Covers the period from 1985 to 1997.

"Serious and urgent consideration should now be given to devising, and more universally adopting, a definition of full employment that is more in keeping with the changed work patterns and supply preferences that characterises the labour market of the twenty-first century. The ideas put forward in this book are an excellent starting point for this exercise. This book makes a valuable contribution to the empirical literature on employment policy..."
International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 28, 2001

Employment Revival in Europe reviews the remarkable economic and labour market recovery made by four small European countries; Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. This innovative study analyses their success and highlights the specific factors responsible, in particular the promotion of social dialogue and the institution of critical macroeconomic and labour market policies. While assessing the progress and examining the remaining problems in these four countries, the study reveals how similar policies and action can help other European countries combat unemployment and make progress towards the goal of full employment.