Decent work in the Americas : An agenda for the Hemisphere, 2006-15 ; Sixteenth American Regional Meeting, Brasilia, May 2006

Offers countries in the region a plan of action for 2006-15, with general and specific policy recommendations including a set of concrete targets that can be adapted to the particular situation in individual countries.

The report, prepared for the ILO’s 16th American Regional Meeting in Brasilia, 2006, provides general background and looks at the socio-economic trends in the Americas. It covers the main challenges to decent work in the region including, ensuring that economic growth promotes decent work, ensuring effective application of fundamental principles and rights at work, building confidence in democracy and social dialogue, extending systems for prevention and for social protection of workers and enhancing social and labour inclusion to reduce inequality in the hemisphere. The report also presents on overall Decent Work agenda for the Hemisphere to meet these challenges and offers details on the objectives for Decent Work country programmes.