Books and reports

December 1985

  1. Publication

    Small-scale processing of beef (TM 10)

    11 December 1985

    Technical Memorandum No. 10

  2. Publication

    Small-scale processing of pork (TM 9)

    11 December 1985

    ILO pub-WEP pub. Technical memorandum on pig meat processing as a small scale industry in developing countries - covers technical aspects of food production and the range of meat products; describes factory layout and equipment; considers choice of technology and project evaluation, the possibility of meeting national level food requirements, the employment creation effects, investment costs and foreign exchange expenditures. Bibliography, illustrations, tables.

November 1985

  1. Publication

    Small-scale paper-making (TM 8)

    21 November 1985

    Technical memorandum, guidelines on choice of technology for small scale industries of the pulp and paper industry in developing countries - discusses application of intermediate technologys, characteristics of paper products, raw materials and required industrial equipment; explains evaluation techniques to determine the profitability of paper mills.

December 1984

  1. Publication

    Women, work and demographic issues

    31 December 1984

    Conference report on labour force participation of the woman worker and the measurement of women's economic role. Considers demographic trends, drawing on case studies in Bangladesh, Egypt and India. Discusses family planning, fertility and sex discrimination in health services in developing countries. Reviews the situation in socialist countries, esp. social policy designed to assist working mothers. Outlines research needs and their relevance for population policy and employment policy. Bibliography.

November 1984

  1. Publication

    Improved village technology for women’s activities. A manual for West Africa

    29 November 1984

    Report of an ILO/UNITAR international seminar, held in Tashkent, USSR, 11-19 October 1983, on women, work and demographic issues. 

October 1984

  1. Publication

    ILO code of practice: Protection of workers against noise and vibration in the working environment

    24 October 1984

    ILO pub. Monograph comprising a code of practice on the control of noise and vibration in the work environment - covers measurement, protective equipment and reduction of exposure time, health supervision (incl. Medical examination), monitoring, etc.

December 1983

  1. Publication

    Labour-management relations in public enterprises in Africa (LMR 60)

    31 December 1983

    ILO pub. Comparison of labour relations in public enterprises in Africa, with case studies of Nigeria and Tunisia - discusses the definition and the growth of public enterprises, legal aspects, trade unionization, trade union recognition, employers organization, collective bargaining, labour disputes, dispute settlement, personnel management, workers participation, etc. References.

June 1980

  1. Publication

    The basic-needs approach to development. Some issues regarding concepts and methodology

    02 June 1980

    ILO pub-WEP pub. Monographic compilation of essays on the basic needs approach to the economic development of developing countries - reviews the main issues and legal aspects of a basic needs strategy, develops a methodology for the identification and quantification of basic needs targets, and deals with the problem of production planning for basic needs, etc. References.

December 1979

  1. Publication

    Building work. A compendium of occupational safety and health (OSH 42)

    31 December 1979

    ILO pub. Manual comprising guidelines for occupational health and occupational safety in the construction industry - discusses safety measures against occupational accidents and occupational diseases and for improved occupational health and work organization, covering building machinery, dust, noise, toxic substances, etc. Illustrations.

December 1974

  1. Publication

    Asbestos: Health risks and their prevention (OSH 30)

    31 December 1974

    ILO pub. Conference report of an ILO Meeting on occupational health and occupational safety with reference to asbestos - covers occupational diseases caused by asbestos (incl. Asbestosis and cancer), the technical prevention of hazards, the role of ILO, possible international regulation, etc., and includes a survey commenting on national level labour legislation and practice. List of participants, references and statistical tables. Conference held in Geneva 1973 December 11 to 18.