InfoStories: Interactive journeys through the world of work

A new approach to labour-related themes available as a website and an iPad app

InfoStories iPad landing page
Available as a website and a free iPad app, InfoStories presents interactive features on labour-related themes. Like a magazine, it delves into different subjects on each issue – for example, pay equity for men and women, the importance of collective bargaining for a fairer economy, or child labour in agriculture.

The stories are enriched with videos, illustrations, quizzes, data visualizations and other interactive elements, and present ILO research in clear, jargon-free language.

Both the website and the app make great tools for presentations in workshops and classes. InfoStories is also a valuable aid if you also conduct your own research on work-related themes.


  • Read the stories online using any kind of device, or download them to your iPad and explore them offline
  • Listen to experts explain the issues and concepts underlying the world of work
  • Discover research results through interactive data visualizations
  • Download data spreadsheets to integrate into your own research

InfoStories iPad landing page

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