Rules of the Game: a brief introduction to International Labour Standards (Revised edition 2009)

Aimed at a non-specialist audience, this revised booklet provides an introduction to international labour standards and discusses their importance in today’s global economy, the subjects they cover, how they are applied and supervised, and where further information can be sought.

Rules of the Game: a brief introduction to International Labour Standards,
was first published in 2005 to help the ILO’s traditional constituents, but
also non-specialists and the general public, to better understand the
essence of the ILO Conventions and Recommendations, the application
and supervision of international labour standards, and their importance
in the global economy. It was deemed appropriate to revise the first
edition to integrate recently adopted instruments, including theMaritime
Labour Convention, 2006 and the 2008 Declaration on Social Justice
For a Fair Globalization, as well as putting into perspective the key role
international labour standards can play in the context of the current
global financial and economic crisis. It is to be hoped that this new
edition, which also coincides with the ILO’s 90th anniversary, will
translate into an even wider dissemination of the Organization’s
standards-related activities.