Public Employment Services
Labour Market Policies, legislation and regulations
Employment Intensive Investment Programmes
Youth Employment

Public Employment Services

Public employment services (PES) promote an efficient development, integration and use of the labour force. In forced displacement, they facilitate the adjustment of firms and workers to changing and disrupted labour markets.
PES plan and execute labour market policies. Their major role is to cushion labour market transitions for workers and enterprises by:
• collecting, analyzing and disseminating labour market information;
• assisting with job search and providing placement services;
• administering unemployment insurance benefits;
• managing effectively a variety of labour market programmes.

They play an increasingly important role in job matching, enhancing employability, addressing skill mismatches and linking support directly to employers and workers through operating various active labour market programmes.
PROSPECTS will provide support and guidance to the eight countries in strengthening their public employment services, promoting the regulation of the activities of private employment agencies and encouraging productive cooperation between the two.

Labour market policies, legislation and regulations

Employment Intensive Investment Programmes

Around the world millions of people lack infrastructure (roads, bridges, water supply, and other facilities such as schools, hospitals, etc.) to access basic services (water, health, education). Improving infrastructure and maintaining it can improve living standards and have a direct impact in the quality of people’s lives. Productive community infrastructures can also contribute to reducing (rural and urban) poverty and have the potential for offering better economic and social benefits. The ILO’s employment-intensive investment program (EIIP) links infrastructure development and environmental works with employment creation relying on local labour and resources. Therefore, they create much needed employment and income, reduce costs, save foreign currency, and support local industry while increasing the capacity of local institutions.

EIIP interventions in PROSPECTS will promote immediate job creation as an entry point for more sustainable livelihood development

Youth employment