Speaking in plenary

19th American Regional Meeting (Panama, 2-5 de October 2018)

Discussion of the Report of the Director-General

To allow as many speakers as possible to take the floor during the discussion of the Report of the Director-General, article 10(7) of the Rules for Regional Meetings stipulates that” no speech shall exceed five minutes”. Speakers are thus urged to keep their statements brief and to the point, reducing complimentary remarks to a strict minimum. Any statements given during this discussion will follow a list of speakers, for which it is necessary to register in advance. In order to register, delegates must be accredited either as regular delegates or as “advisers and substitute delegates” acting on behalf of regular delegates. Participants wishing to take the floor can register prior to the Meeting, as of Monday, 3 September, by sending an email to ontal@ilo.org They may also register to speak once in Panama City, at the Office of the Clerk of the Regional Meeting. Registration on the list of speakers for the plenary discussion on the Report of the Director-General will close at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, 3 October.

Thematic and information sessions

Participants wishing to take part in the four thematic sessions may also express their interest in advance by sending an e-mail to ontal@ilo.org indicating the session in question. It should be noted however that due to time constraints, not all requests may be accommodated. Furthermore, any possible interventions from the floor must consist of very brief questions or comments to stimulate the debate.
With respect the three information sessions, there will be limited time for questions and answers after the presentations of the topics.