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8 December 2020 at 16:00 CET -  Replay

How COVID-19 has accelerated the future of work

The first in a series of ILO online Talks that go beyond the regular webinar heard insights from the founder of the world’s leading professional social network, LinkedIn, whose users are experiencing world of work transformations first-hand.
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COVID-19 has had a devastating human impact. Necessary lock-down measures have led to massive economic and labour market losses, with young people, women and the informal economy hit hardest.

Looking ahead, there will be a slow, difficult and uncertain recovery in the years to come. The crisis has already transformed the way in which billions of people experience work around the world.

In industrialized economies it has sped up digitization and remote work, with some workers now on indefinite teleworking arrangements and many working online.

However, those without the necessary skills and opportunities to make the digital transition are at risk of being left behind. In less developed countries the crisis has deeply affected informal workers, disrupted supply chains, decimated tourism and put more people at risk of extreme poverty.

High-level discussants injected  the global world of work perspective and proposed measures to help enterprises and societies build a better future of work from the crisis.

The discussion were held in English and interpreted in French, Spanish and sign language.