Why do supply chains in Africa need SCORE Training?

This webinar was organized to present to lead buyers the new partnership between the ILO's SCORE programme and Partner Africa. A collaboration that will bring SCORE Training to SMEs participating in global supply chains.

A partnership against labour issues in Africa

In this webinar, Emilie Paradiso, Head of Responsible Business Advisory at Partner Africa, and Michael Elkin, Chief Technical Advisor of the ILO SCORE Programme, introduced the new public-private partnership signed in October 2020.

Several speakers from Africa added to the discussion to provide an overview of the situation of small and medium enterprises in global supply chains on the continent. The discussion focused on the evidence of how SCORE Training can improve productivity and prevent the issue of excessive overtime and how this partnership will benefit SMEs.

Several themes were discussed during this event
  • Understanding the salient labour issues in Africa
  • An overview of SCORE Training
  • Evidence of how SCORE Training can improve productivity and prevent issues of excessive hours
  • Next steps for the partnership
If you missed the opportunity to participate in the webinar, you can still learn about the partnership by watching the recording.