ILO SME Webinar

Effectiveness of Business Training: how can we design, implement and measure better?

The ILO's Small and Medium Enterprises Unit organized a webinar in which David McKenzie, Lead Economist at the World Bank, discussed evidence of the effectiveness of enterprise training programmes.

In this webinar, David McKenzie, Lead Economist at the World Bank discussed recent work to analyse what the evidence shows us about the effectiveness and impact of business training programmes. Two specialists from the International Labour Organization’s SME Programme presented work recently done to evaluate the impact of the SIYB and SCORE business training programmes.

Business training programmes, especially those that target micro, small and medium enterprises are very popular programmes for governments and development agencies to fund and support. However, until recently, there was very little evidence that could show that business training is an effective way to support the growth and development of firms or increase economic impact.

Speakers at the webinar include:
  • David McKenzie, Lead Economist, World Bank
  • Michael Elkin, Chief Technical Advisor, International Labour Organization
  • Merten Sievers, Global Coordinator, International Labour Organization
  • Nina Paustian, Regional Project Coordinator, International Labour Organization
  • Marlen de la Chaux, SME Productivity Specialist, International Labour Organization

An event to watch and watch again

Over 120 participants attended the webinar and asked more than 30 questions. There was a great deal of interest in the topics addressed by David McKenzie.

If you missed this opportunity and would also like to learn more about the effectiveness of business training and how it can be done better, you can now still attend the event by watching the recording.