How to shape a future that works

We are living through an era of immense change in all areas of human life, not least in the way we work.

New opportunities are emerging and technology has the potential to create jobs, as well as to automate others. Innovation, particularly in industrialized economies has allowed more flexible working arrangements, letting individuals work remotely and on demand to improve work-life balance.

At the same time, regulatory frameworks and institutions have to catch up with the pace of change and as old guarantees have fallen away, uncertainty and insecurity has increased.

Growing inequalities within countries, high unemployment and stagnant wage growth have torn at the social fabric in advanced economies. Informality, poverty and meagre opportunities for booming young populations have exacerbated frustrations in developing nations.

In January the ILO’s Global Commission on the Future of Work published its recommendations on how to shape a future with social justice.

Hosted at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and moderated by the Financial Times’ Sarah O’Connor, the Geneva event for the 24-Hour Global Tour will bring together experts from both public and private sectors to debate how we can build a future that works.

The panel will focus on 3 key themes:
  •  The current path – opportunities for the few, struggle for the many?
  •  Policy choices – economic growth over protection of people and planet?
  •  A global vision for the future


FT Moderator

  • Sarah O’ Connor, Employment Correspondent, Financial Times

Guest speakers and panellists

Panel framer:
  • Professor Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
  • Guy Ryder – ILO Director-General
  • Dame Vivian Hunt – Managing Partner, McKinsey and Company UK and Ireland
  • Ambassador Amandeep Singh Gill - Executive Director, Secretariat of the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation
  • Christy Hoffman – General Secretary, UNI Global
  • Nazrene Mannie – Skills and Education Committee Chair, Business Unity South Africa
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16:50 Doors close for live broadcast
16:55 Welcoming remarks from the Director of the Graduate Institute, Philippe Burrin
17:00 Curtain raiser video
17:01:15 Sarah O’Connor welcomes all
17:02:15 Professor Richard Baldwin - Panel Framer: A new world of work order
17:08 Panel discussion: How to Shape a Future that Works

Theme 1: The current path – opportunities for the few, struggle for the many?
17:18 Theme 2: Policy choices – economic growth over protection of people and planet?
17:28 Video of voices of youth on the future of work
17:29:40 Theme 3: A global vision for the future
17:39 Open questions from the floor + responses

Sarah O’Connor closes the session and hands to the Director-General
17:57 Director-General closing remarks