Austerity and the jobs crisis: Live Q&A session on Twitter with ILO expert Raymond Torres

Ask ILO expert Raymond Torres your questions on alternatives to austerity against an uncertain economic backdrop. Join the ILO’s live Question and Answer session on Twitter, on Thursday 10 May at 14:30 GMT (16:30 Geneva time).

How can fiscal consolidation and job growth be reconciled?  Have austerity focussed policies placed Europe at risk of another recession?  What are the alternatives? How can countries encourage job creation and growth without increasing their debt?  What is the "right policy mix"?

Raymond Torres, Director of The International Institute for Labour Studies - the research arm of the ILO, will answer your questions in a Q&A session on Twitter, Thursday 10 May at 14:30 GMT (16:30 Geneva time). The session follows the release of the ILO’s 2012 edition of the World of Work Report.

Participate by sending your questions to @ILO on Twitter using the hashtag #WOWLIVE ahead of the live session and then join Dr. Torres on Thursday for the live discussion on Twitter.

The world needs to create 50 million jobs to return to pre-crisis employment levels, according to the ILO's World of Work 2012 report, but fiscal austerity and tough labour market reforms threaten the scenario for a true jobs recovery.
Watch ILO Video News Release featuring Raymond Torres, lead author of the report