June 2020

  1. Curso a distancia en seguridad y salud en el trabajo

    1 June - 13 November 2020

    El curso está dirigido a formadores y asesores en SST pertenecientes a organizaciones gubernamentales, de empleadores y de trabajadores que participan en la promoción de SST dentro de las empresas. El programa también puede ser de interés para otras personas de organismos profesionales o industriales, instituciones de capacitación involucradas en temas de SST y gerentes, supervisores y personal técnico a cargo de SST dentro de las empresas.

  2. E-learning course on labour inspection

    8 June - 31 July 2020

    This course will familiarize participants with the principles, functions and main characteristics of labour inspection. Participants will be able to choose from different compliance strategies and carry out a comprehensive and effective labour inspection visit relating to working conditions and occupational safety and health, applying new tools and a set of indicators for identifying the employment relationship.


    15 June - 14 August 2020

    This distance learning course provides an interactive e-learning opportunity to explore green jobs concepts and emerging practices. Through a review of tools, selected literature and best practices, participants are introduced to the labour-market implications of the transition to greener and more sustainable economies. The action-oriented curriculum is structured towards the design and implementation of green jobs policies, programmes and projects.

July 2020

  1. Occupational Safety and Health management in the construction sector

    13 - 23 July 2020

    This course is aimed at government officials involved in the enforcement of OSH legislation; OSH advisers and trainers belonging to employers' and workers' organizations involved in the promotion of OSH; and managers, supervisors and technical staff responsible for OSH in construction-sector enterprises.


    20 - 31 July 2020

    The Boulder Microfinance Training Programme, offered by the Boulder Institute of Microfinance at the International Training Centre of the ILO, is a two-week immersion experience, with over 20 courses to choose from. Participants are able to explore and debate issues currently facing the industry with a global network of peers and experts from MFIs, donors agencies, investors, central banks, ministries of finance, development organizations and other institutions.

August 2020


    3 - 14 August 2020

    The world of work looks different every day. These changes - driven by technological innovation, demographics, climate change, and globalization - are unprecedented in their scale, speed, and depth. They are already radically reshaping the ways in which people work and live. This Summer School aims to stimulate innovative dialogues, training, capacity-building support and knowledge management connected to the Future of Work.

  2. Market-based livelihoods interventions for refugees and host communities

    20 - 24 August 2020

    This training course supports practitioners working with refugee communities in the design of livelihood interventions based on a solid understanding of market trends and demand. It applies the "Making markets work for the poor" (M4P) approach and draws upon the experiences and lessons learnt from joint UNHCR-ILO pilot projects that have tested the added value of market assessments and value-chain analyses in promoting the livelihoods of refugees in different countries.

  3. Employment injury schemes and the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

    24 August - 4 September 2020

    The course is aimed at decision-makers from ministries and institutions responsible for social security and OSH, representatives of employers' and workers' organizations involved in the governance of OSH and social security, the technical staff of employment injury institutions, and representatives of training institutions involved in OSH and social security issues.

  4. Training of Trainers on Improving Safety and Health in Small and Micro Enterprises

    26 August - 3 September 2020

    This course aims at strengthening the institutional capacity to improve OSH and working conditions in SMEs and in the workplaces of the informal economy. This course is aimed at: Trainers and technical advisers from government institutions responsible for supporting SMEs on OSH and working conditions; Workers’ and employers’ organizations representatives involved in supporting their members in improving OSH and working conditions; Representatives of non-governmental organizations actively supporting SMEs in OSH and working conditions; Staff of technical cooperation projects supporting SMEs; Consultants, university teachers and researchers working in the fields of OSH and working conditions.

  5. Fostering green business growth

    31 August - 11 September 2020

    Green businesses save scarce resources, help maintain healthy ecosystems, minimize pollution and waste, limit greenhouse emissions, and provide green goods and services to enable more responsible consumption patterns. Green businesses are vital for a development model that delivers a triple bottom-line of prosperity, planet and people. Many entrepreneurs worldwide have understood that going green is not only good for the environment, but makes business sense too!