• 111th session of the International Labour Conference

    LIVE Plenary debates today 14:30–18:00 (CEST)

    Government, employer and worker delegates from the ILO's 187 Member States address a wide range of issues, including: a just transition towards sustainable and inclusive economies, quality apprenticeships, and labour protection. A high-level World of Work Summit on Social Justice for all will take place on the 14 and 15 June.


  • Labour standards, what are they and why do they matter?


    An essential part of the ILO’s supervisory system is the Committee on the Application of Standards. As the International Labour Conference discusses the creation of a new international standard on apprenticeships, the World of Work Show will look at how labour standards are created, implemented, and their effect on working lives.


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    Writing the rules of the game – How international labour standards are created


    International labour standards are at the heart of the ILO’s mandate and play an essential role in creating fair business competition and combatting work-related exploitation. So, how are they created?


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    As a refugee, my new skills have given my family hope


    When her husband was killed in 2009, Angelique Kahindo fled the Democratic Republic of Congo with her children to a refugee settlement in Uganda. For years she had no income, but a new opportunity for an apprenticeship has given her the skills and courage to set up her own tailoring business.


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