• ILO in action: People helping people

    World Humanitarian Day

    World Humanitarian Day was created to shine a light on those who work in all parts of the world – including remote and dangerous areas – to deliver help and improve the lives and prospects of local populations. Among these humanitarian workers are hundreds of ILO experts, committed to improving working conditions and establishing the decent work needed to underpin a more sustainable future for us all.


  • © I. Velasquez / ILO

    An indigenous entrepreneur in tune with Mother Earth


    After successfully reclaiming her people’s territory in Quebrada de Humahuaca, Northern Argentina, Celestina Ábalos turned to tourism to share and promote her indigenous culture. ILO entrepreneurship training during the COVID-19 pandemic helped her business grow.


  • Recovery in youth employment is still lagging

    Global Employment Trends for Youth

    New report ahead of International Youth Day shows large regional differences in young people's prospects in the labour market.


  • © Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

    Left-handed workers in a right-handed world


    Approximately one-in-ten people are left-handed, yet the world of work is overwhelmingly designed for right-handers. What’s more, there are also numerous examples – historical and contemporary – of discrimination and stigma in relation to left-handed people.


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