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    When race holds you back in the workplace


    Race discrimination in the workplace is a reality for many Black people, despite a multitude of ‘diversity and inclusion’ initiatives. Systemic racism, microaggressions and biases mean the world of work is far from being a level playing field, say the guests of the latest Future of Work podcast.


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    Effective governance of occupational safety and health through labour administration


    This technical dialogue on labour administration will bring together Governments and social partners´ representatives from different world regions. We will share experiences from countries in which the labour administration is the national authority in charge of occupational safety and health, as well as the key role played by social partners in the governance of occupational safety and health.


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    Bees – A remedy for business success

    Viorica Anghel transformed her life when she signed up for a beekeeper’s course run by the ILO in Moldova. She now runs her own business and uses the honey for medicinal purposes to treat her son.


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    When is it too hot to work?

    World of Work Show – Replay

    Many regions of the world are already breaking record temperatures. What is the impact of this heat on workers and economies, and what can we do to keep people safe and companies productive?