Workshop on Labour Disputes and Settlement in the Public Service

The workshop is in support to the clamor of public sector unions towards ratification of Convention 151 and to enhance their capacities in addressing collective bargaining issues and labour dispute resolutions in the public service sector.

The International Labour Organization adopted in 1978 the Convention 151 on Labour Relations in the Public Service, which concerns protection of the right to organize and procedures for determining conditions of employment in the public service, noting the considerable expansion of public-service activities in many countries and the need for sound labour relations between public authorities and public employees’ organizations.

To promote ratification of this Convention, the ILO Country Offices in San José and Budapest, with the support of the Sectoral Activities Department in ILO Geneva, have conducted “gap analyses” for the Dominican Republic and Serbia, which aim to determine the extent of discrepancy between national laws, regulations, and other measures and the Articles of Convention 151. Results of the gap analyses will be discussed with government and worker representatives during a workshop to be held in Santo Domingo on April 3-4, and another in Belgrade on April 16-17.

The Manual on Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution in the Public Service will also be presented in these workshops, with a view to assist the participants in their efforts to advance the goals of Convention 151.