Executive Summary: India Employment Report 2024

Briefing note | 26 March 2024
India remains poised to take advantage of its demographic dividend with strong improvements in education levels, which are a key determinant of accessing better quality jobs. At the same time, youth’s aspirations are evolving, which needs to be matched with the type of employment available in the labour market. These are among the key findings of the “India Employment Report 2024: Youth education, employment and skills” produced by the Institute for Human Development (IHD) and ILO.

The India Employment Report 2024 examines the challenge of youth employment in the context of the emerging economic, labour market, educational, and skills scenarios in India and changes over the past two decades and is primarily based on analysis of data from the National Sample Surveys and the Periodic Labour Force Surveys.

India has the world’s largest youth population and stands to benefit from its demographic dividend for at least another decade. This translates into 7-8 million youth entering the labour market annually. In the last two decades, youth have also attained higher levels of education compared to their predecessors. Yet youth face challenges in accessing better quality formal jobs. The skills landscape in India has also undergone a transformation, with the impetus of filling the supply–demand gaps and skill mismatches.