Establishing a Parent Stock Management Centre and Feed Processing Facility in Ethiopia: Business case

The poultry sector in Ethiopia remains at its early stage. To stir growth of the sector, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) has set out an ambitious target in its 10-year perspective plan, with a goal of doubling both eggs and chicken meat production. To support the effort of the government, the ILO ProAgro Ethiopia project conducted a baseline diagnostic survey and the findings indicated that there is a need to support the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and the Regional Investment Bureaus (RIB) in the project’s target regions – Amhara and Sidama on targeting investors, negotiating incentive offerings, facilitating company project set-up and supporting the retention/expansion of existing investors to create decent jobs in the sector.

In response to survey findings and recommendations, the ILO in collaboration with the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) has conducted a business case study that provides key stakeholders—both the government and potential investors—with a data-driven analysis to improve binding constraints in the sector and present a call to action. An on-job-training manual for poultry sector has also been developed in consultation with stakeholders to improve the sector in the country.