Strengthening tripartism at IGAD Region

News | 21 May 2021

DJIBOUTI: The absence of any platform at regional level where workers, employers and governments sit together to discuss issues related to the world of work has been a challenge. The FMPT Project of the ILO supported the establishment of regional social partners, Confederation of IGAD Employers (CIE) and Horn of Africa Confederation of Trade Unions (HACTU) to discuss and collaborate on issues related to the world of work within the IGAD region. ILO sustained its effort in strengthening the collaboration among Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Secretariat and regional social partners.

A tripartite meeting among the ILO, IGAD and regional social partners was arranged by the EU financially supported FMPT Project with the objective to support the cooperation between the Secretariat and regional social partners.

The newly established CIE and HACTU with a common voice expressed their readiness to collaborate with IGAD in common priority areas. For this, both organizations requested IGAD to recognize them as regional social partners and potential participation in various IGAD platforms and/or events, including meetings and workshops. Both organizations handed over their bylaws to the IGAD Secretariat.

H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, IGAD Executive Secretary recognized the importance of collaborating with social partners in regulating the labour movement as well as in areas related to social and economic integration within the region.

“The free movement protocol needs to be ratified by Member States and for this IGAD will strengthen its collaboration with social partners within the region.”

H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, IGAD ES
ILO will continue to provide its effort in supporting the establishment of a committee and creation of such a platform. The upcoming IGAD Labour Conference in July regrouping all Labour Ministers of the region is the next step to discuss the launching of the IGAD Labour committee.

“ILO strives for tripartite and will continue supporting the process to create a common platform for IGAD and regional social partners.”

Alexio Musindo, Director ILO CO-Addis Ababa
Hikmat Daoud, President of CNED, Djibouti and President of CIE handing over CIE bylaw to IGAD ES Kassahun Follo, President of CETU, Ethiopia and General Secretary HACTU handing over HACTU bylaw to IGAD ES

ILO, IGAD and EU are making social dialogue work for efficient labour migration governance, regional integration and decent work in the region.