Communicating on labour migration: Improving media coverage and quality of reporting on labour migration in the IGAD region

News | 16 December 2020
The ILO FMPT project conducted a knowledge sharing webinar with 24 Media professionals in the IGAD Region to discuss issues related to Labour Migration and Mobility Governance (LMMG). The objective of this media engagement is to share knowledge and provide tools and resources to media professionals in the region. This Media engagement helps to improve their understanding of labour migration, foster their motivation to improve their reporting on the subject matter, and enhance further collaboration and commitment with media professionals.

Media is instrumental in informing the general public about the positive impact of Labour Migration on societies, as well as influence policymaking to improve the living and working conditions of migrant workers and their families. If well informed, media professionals can become the VOICE of migrant workers in denouncing the exploitations migrant workers can face.

During the webinar, the ILO FMPT project team in collaboration with ITCILO presented and discussed the status of LMMG in and from the IGAD region in a very interactive way. The team also shared available tools and resources that are relevant to media professionals to increase their understanding on issues related to LMMG. These include a presentation on labour migration trends and challenges in the IGAD region, the ILO Labour Migration Framework of intervention including relevant conventions, the model of intervention of the FMPT project, as well as the ILO Media toolkit and Media-Friendly Glossary on Migration.

Participants applauded the content presented and its timeliness in addressing the challenges related to labour migration and mobility governance. They discussed the challenges media professionals face in reporting on LM and shared their experience.

“Media in Somalia was instrumental in raising awareness to assist refugees to get employment opportunities and establish their business to sustain themselves and their families. I would like to thank the ILO, webinar facilitators, as well as participants as I have really benefited a lot from the knowledge sharing webinar on topics related to labour migration and migrant workers protection including Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.”

Awil Mohamud Abdi
President of the National Union of Somali Journalists, Somali
“Common understanding on the issue of Labour Migration Governance is vital for journalists to accurately communicate issues related to labour migration in the IGAD Region. The virtual Media engagement webinar provided by the ILO in relation to labour migration will significantly contribute to media experts and communicators to produce quality reports on labour migration to effectively communicate the issue of migration in the IGAD region. I believe the issues discussed in the webinar particularly, using proper words or standards while reporting overseas domestic workers and migration issues in general are very momentous.”
Firesenay Gebeyehu
Re-branding, Communications and Promotion Senior Expert
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ethiopia
At the end of the workshop, all participants committed to strengthening the partnership with ILO to enhance decent working conditions for migrant workers through adequate and accurate coverage on the topic. They also urged the ILO to continue this series of webinars to engage with Media and to provide capacity building for media professionals on LMMG.